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SELF HELP Management Independent Study

 Strengthening Interpersonal Skills, Strengthening Supportive Services That Individuals Offer...

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Administrative Support

Self Help Management

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Customer Support

Independent Study

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Project Management

Goal Setting

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Social Media Management

Use Words Revealing Truth! 

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Data & Research

Question Everything Taught to Believe. Is it Truth?

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Personal Assistant

Ask, Answer, Who Am I? Am I Really Who I Am Taught To Be? Am I All I Ought To Be?



Have A Major Definite Purpose  What Do You Want To Do?  Why?  How?  What Constructive Results Expected From Doing This?

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Short Term Goal 

15 Hours a Month

Daily, Weekly. Mundane Short Term Goal   



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Long Term Goal

30 Hours a Month

Daily, Monthly Mundane Long Term Goal



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Life Goal

Suitable for Your Needs

Daily, Yearly Mundane Life Goal-Seeking, Finding Truth to use in manner producing correctness, , balance,peace, truth!